Logo Brief

Logo Design Process


  1. Logo Creative Brief filled out

  2. Three logo forms in black and white (grayscale when applicable) are formed. We produce in black and white because – 1. It ensures the logo can be reproduced in one color and 2. because our experience has shown us that going straight to color can prolong (add more cost) to the logo project (people have certain adversities to certain colors – and overlook the great logo forms because of adversities to those colors)

  3. One of the logo forms must be selected at this point. Minor modifications (font styles, slight adjustments) are able to be made to ONE of the logo forms.

  4. Colors. 6 Color options are designed and presented (6 only if needed). Minor adjustments in color can be made with client input.

  5. Once the correct logo form and colors are selected, We will create
    commonly used formats. Here is what the basic package we give to every logo client: PDF (saved as a true vector in CMYK)
    PDF of 1 color version – CMYK
    JPG saved as RGB
    JPG saved as CMYK
    Transparent PNG saved as RGB


All forms should then be zipped and sent to the client. Plus fonts fonts used in the logo.

i.e., Mission Statement, Value Statement, Unique Selling Proposition, Elevator Pitch. The goal is to boil down your company and values in 1-2 sentences that an everyday person (like a designer) can understand.
i.e., stand out from competition, identify a new product, upgrade the company image, etc. Keep in mind a creative approach can be developed around a primary and secondary objective only; no single creative vehicle can accomplish more effectively.
Potential reasons: Name change, printing/reproduction problems.
i.e., age, sex, job titles, social/economic conditions, employment, geographic concentration, etc.
Especially when compared to your competitors.
i.e., t-shirts/screenprinting (typically 1-3 colors max), embroidery on shirts and hats (can limit detail in the design and colors), embossing (logo will need to be developed in 1 color), beer mugs/shot glasses (logo typically will need to be able to be produced in 1 color)